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Welcome to Radiance Reborn

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

"To all who come to this happy place, Welcome!" -Walt Disney

Who are we

Radiance Reborn is a website recreated by some of the original members of The Wild Fam. We're a group of friends that love to game and enjoy each other's company. We're practically family! We chose this new name as a sort of revival to our old site and group, and Radiance playing a factor because it also means great happiness. Bonus with the fact that its an area in Khrysalis!

The Lightbringers

Members of the Wildfam may have come and gone, but you will see familiar faces new and old!

Austin Thorn

Alex Stone(AlexxTheWizard)

Alex Lionheart

Amy (Jaliskyx)

Fallon Heart (Xoey)

Marissa Rose

Michael Wildflame

Mindy (Nikachu)

Taylor Ashgiver

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