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LotS x RR Thanksgiving Tournament

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Legends of the Spiral has teamed up with us in helping us throw a giant Thanksgiving tournament! This Tournament will take place on November 17th @ 3 pm est!

We have 2 brackets for people to sign up for however you are only allowed to enter 1 Bracket so be sure to choose wisely. The Brackets available are: Lvl 1-20 and Lvl 100-130

How do I sign up? If you are interested in signing up for the tournament click the link to go to the Signup Form: CLICK HERE!

The deadline for Sign-ups is November 15th @ 5 pm est!

What are the rules for the Tournament? All the rules can be found here: CLICK HERE!

If you are unable to view the Rules Link please read below.

Where and How Matches will go down? Matches will take place on the North American servers.  All players must be available and present at the beginning of the tournament.  Players will be teleported to a house by a Radiance Reborn staff where they will PvP until a winner can be determined.

Instant Disqualifications

Breaking Kingsisle’s Terms of Service or being disrespectful in Stream Chat or other matches will result in removal from the tournament and a permanent ban from future tournaments. If a player flees or disconnects from their match, they will receive a loss and be removed from the tournament.


You cannot have more than 70% resist to any school. You cannot have more than 45% pierce for any school. Turtling, Angel, or Spam strategy is banned.

The following spells are banned: Any spell using shadow pips Retired Treasure cards Cloak Aegis or Indemnity Guardian Spirit Aftershock Smoke Screen Treasure Cards/Item Cards

The following spells have been capped: Shatter/Enfeeble - 1 of each per reshuffle Set Shields or Spells including - 3 per match All “lore” spells - 2 of each per reshuffle Dispels and spells with - 3 for the entire tournament Feints - 2 per match, No stacking allowed.

The following equipment is banned: All Maycasts Stat mounts

May-Cast wands may be used for their stats but if a may cast is triggered, the caster will receive a loss and be removed from the tournament. 

Now for the prizes for each Bracket!

Bracket: 1-20

1st Place: 30k Crowns + Winter Winds Tower  2nd Place: 15k Crowns 3rd Place: 10k Crowns 4th Place: 7500 Crowns + Gallop Dance Emote 5th Place: 2.5k Crowns + Elaine Dance Emote

Bracket: 100-130

1st Place: 60k Crowns + Massive Fantasy Palace 2nd Place: 30k Crowns 3rd Place: 15k Crowns 4th Place: 5k Crowns + Gallop Dance Emote 5th Place: 5k Crowns

Huge Thanks to Mathew Anderson (Community Manager) & Kingsisle for Providing all of these amazing Prizes!

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