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Sail The Seas - New Sinbad Hoard Pack

A new pack has hit the waves, and it's got something that you've never seen... But first, let's talk about the items we normally get!

What's Inside?

This pack seems to be mostly be based off of Mirage, mixed in with some references to Aquila. Like all other packs of it's kind, it contains a Mount and 3 variations of a Pet and Gear Set. It also has some new furniture, most of which are Mirage themed.

Gear Sets

This gear set's appearance is actually very cool, it's almost like a gladiator commander, and the wand adds to that, giving off a very a menacing pose, with a giant anchor blade in hand. Stat wise, the hats and boots could be very useful in an offensive set, but be mindful of the lack of resist. The robes could use a lot of work though; I see no practical use for them unless using as a temporary resist robe since they give nothing useful for offense except pierce. If it's meant to be more of a support or resist robe, then I would say add incoming/outgoing, powerpip chance, and a support card, not an offensive card like Chimera.

Kapudan's Gear Set

While the Hat, Robe, and boots are Fire and Myth, while the wand appears to be Death and Fire - Note: Mattnetic has confirmed damage will be changed from Death to Myth. This is the Blue and Red set.

Admiral's Gear Set

The Spiritual Schools are represented with the Hat, Robe, and Boots' stats this time, whereas the wand is universal. This is the Maroon and Yellow set.

Captain's Gear Set

Ice and Storm are represented throughout this entire gear set. This wand is definitely useful for Storm, due to the high critical and damage together as well as the maycast minion.

Gryphon Pets

These new pets are probably some of the most adorable things I have EVER seen. From how they look to their running animation, I love them head to talon. They each give a blade talent specific to their school. Currently there is a bug causing the blade to disappear and change to feint at Adult.

Scrappy is Death, Snappy is Balance, and Plucky is Myth.

Roc Mount

The new Roc Mount is probably my new favorite mount in the game. It reminds me of a Chocobo from Final Fantasy mixed with a Doduo from Pokemon, but with a whole new level of awesomeness added to it. It gives a "normal" speed boost of 40% Speed and also gives a 3% stat boost to Power Pip chance, so not only is it fashionable, but it serves to aid your wizard in combat.

Hari Houssen’s Clay Crafting Reagents

Now that I've covered the usual items, there's a new item that I'd like to highlight, and that is the new reagent. You might be thinking "Well it's just a reagent what's so special about it?". Well this reagent is actually used to craft a multi-use gauntlet. Usually the only ways to obtain gauntlets are through purchasing or getting a one-shot gauntlet as a drop or purchasing a bundle in which a multi-use gauntlet is included. With these reagents, you can now craft these gauntlets for you and your friends to use. The recipe for the Gauntlet along with Clay transmutes can be found in the Shopping District from Lloyd Fallingwater.

Sinbad & The Iron Sultan Gauntlet

This new pack now allows us to craft the mysterious recipe that was added into the shopping district a few days ago. The new Sinbad & The Iron Sultan Gauntlet takes you through the story of Sinbad the Sailor, out to collect the bounty of removing the sorcerer Hari Houssen from the island Metallos, who plans to take over Ferros. Your wizard arrives at the island to discover it's been over run by steel monsters, which lead you to fight Hari and his Golden Dragon. Before the fight begins, Hari turns himself into the Iron Sultan using the Iommi Stone. It is revealed that when you defeat him, the Iommi Stone shattered and Hari is now stuck as the Iron Sultan. Sinbad takes the Golden Dragon and leaves you Hari, which you can collect as a statue and use as a daily collect in your house. This gauntlet can also be purchased on the Wizard101 Website for $39 USD and comes with an additional 7500 crowns.

The Ferros Docks with a view of Metallos in the distance.

The scenery of the gauntlet was very beautiful but overall, I did not find the gauntlet very enjoyable. It seemed very short, with very easy combats, even at 130. The secret boss has no cheats, very little health, and seems weaker than the normal mobs. He also has a very low spawn rate, and the drops I have gotten from him the few times he has spawned have been prism TC and pet snacks. The final fight seemed pretty easy, as my team had no trouble with it. The first time I ran it through none of the cheats even had time to trigger due to how fast we completed it.

My Pack Review

Overall, I give this pack a 7/10. The Hat, Boot, and Wand are very good for offensive sets, but the robes could definitely use work. I loved the appearance of a lot of the items, especially the Pets and Mount. I think the idea of a craftable gauntlet is very cool, and I hope it's something we see more in the future.

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