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Wizard101 Heavenly Palace Bundle

Kingsisle has released a new bundle that will keep your heads in the clouds! The Heavenly Palace bundle is the newest Wizard101 bundle. It is themed around Mooshu and contains many beautiful cosmetic items, as well as a breathtaking palace that your wizard can call home. If you'd like to know more about this divine bundle, make sure to continue reading!

The Heavenly Palace retails for $39 at GameStop and features many beautiful items themed around Mooshu. It was officially released on May 25th, 2020. If you'd like to purchase the bundle, you can click here and you will be redirected to the GameStop page.

This bundle contains the following:

  • Heavenly Palace House

  • Majestic Crane Mount

  • Tanuki Pet

  • Sky Sorcerer Outfit

  • Sky Sorcerer Staff

  • 1 Month of Membership OR

  • 5,000 Crowns

Heavenly Palace

The Heavenly Palace is a giant imperial palace, accented with a stream running through the surrounding area. On the outskirts are some guard towers, as well as what appears to be a garden! The palace has it's own cloud bridge towards the rear, which connects to a dueling arena, where the daily collect is housed! The inside is multi-layered, with the first floor housing a zen garden! Keep your eye out for the secret passage to the underside of the house, which contains even more beautiful views!

Majestic Crane Mount

This mount certainly lives up to its name, as it's one of the most beautiful mounts in the spiral. The Majestic Crane gives it's wearer a 40% speed boost while serving striking poses!

Tanuki Pet

This furry little critter will aid your wizard throughout the spiral, even supplying you with a Hamadryad card to heal you and your allies!

Sky Sorcerer's Outfit & Staff

The Sky Sorcer set is absolutely beautiful, and would make any other wizard jealous. Stat wise, the hat and boots offer a good amount of damage and critical for those who play offensive, with the robe being for support players with resist and outgoing. The wand offers a nice blend of both, with decent critical and damage and a new maycast: Guiding Armor! This is a rank 5 life spell that gives the receiving player a 500 health absorb gives said user a 35% outgoing heal boost while the shield is present.

The Sky Sorcerer's gear along with the mount and pet offer a set bonus! The following is the tiers and stats that this set gives:

3+ Pieces of Gear: +225 Health 4+ Pieces of Gear: +3% Incoming and Outgoing healing 5+ Pieces of Gear: +5% Universal Pierce and +20% Stun Block

Overall, this bundle was one of the best aesthetically. The house alone is breathtaking, and with the gear, mount, and pet added along, there's no wonder it's called heavenly. The stats for the gear were lacking a bit compared to other bundles or packs, but they would definetly work for players who may not know of better options. Remember that if you'd like to purchase this bundle, click here to be taken to the GameStop page.

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